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Iron Hill Science Center

39°37'55.90"N  75°45'26.10"W

Robert L. Melson Lane
Newark, DE 19702

Phone: (302) 368-5703
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Iron Hill Science Center (also known as Iron Hill Museum) offers programs packed with local history and culture. These include topics ranging from earth science and natural history to archaeology and Native Americans.

The Delaware Academy of Science added the Iron Hill Science Center to the museum's property in 2015. In addition to programs, it offers historical dioramas made with miniatures created by local artist Marnie King.

Read about this exciting development online in "The News Journal" ( and "Newark Post" (

During your visit, take a brief nature walk on the nearby trail. It connects to the Mason-Dixon Trail, which you can also find on this website. And the entrance to Iron Hill County Park is just a short drive up Whittaker Road.

History buffs will love this destination for its role in the American Revolution's Battle of Cooch's Bridge, otherwise known as the Battle of Iron Hill. They may also enjoy the museum's previous building. This is a former African-American school built in 1923 by Pierre S. duPont. It's also one of the few remaining schools of its kind in the region.

Photo by the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary

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