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Taber State Forest

38°52'1.69"N  75°42'22.74"W

1953 Burrsville Road
Harrington, DE 19952

Phone: (302) 698-4500
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Taber State Forest lies in southwestern Kent County and is the smallest of Delaware's state forests at 1,240 acres. It is managed primarily for timber production and wildlife habitat, though it does offer three miles of trails.

To find Taber State Forest, depart Route 1 in Dover by driving south on U.S. 13 for approximately 16 miles. Once you arrive in Harrington, turn right onto Del. 14 (Clark Street/Commerce Street) and then drive about seven miles before turning left onto Cattail Branch Road. Finally, a right turn onto High Stump Road, followed by a left turn onto Burrsville Road, will get you to your destination.

Before your arrival, we recommend you consult the current schedule of hunting seasons. Or, if you're ever in doubt, simply wear hunters' orange or other bright colors. Also, please be advised that state forests typically keep signage to a minimum, so a compass or GPS unit may be a wise thing to pack.

Photo by Delaware Forest Service

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