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Fort DuPont State Park & the Port Penn Interpretive Center

39°34'3.74"N  75°34'43.47"W

Delaware Route 9
Delaware City, DE 19706

Phone: (302) 834-7941
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Fort DuPont was home to soldiers for nearly a century. Today, however, it serves in a different capacity. This 320-acre park provides picnicking, fishing, and hiking along the Delaware River. The two-mile River View Trail allows visitors to explore the site's historic past, as does the Port Penn Interpretive Center. This is a former one-room school and general store built in 1856. And its wooden statue of a waterman is a must see, especially for those who love folk art. So, too, is its wetland trail, which boasts a boardwalk, floating cabin, and muskrat skinning shack.

You may notice that your view of the Delaware River from the River View Trail is partially blocked by tall, bushy-topped reeds. These are called phragmites, and they actually originate in Asia. This wetland grass is a good example of an exotic, invasive plant. They crowd out native plant life, and they are very difficult to kill.

Currently there are plans to convert Burton Hall into a new Delaware Military Museum. Please visit for details.

Two other state parks also have military installments. These include Fort Delaware State Park and Cape Henlopen State Park.

Photo by Shaun Bailey

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