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Brandywine Park

39°45'10.75"N  75°32'52.21"W

1001 North Park Drive
Wilmington, DE 19802

Phone: (302) 577-7020
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Visitors to Brandywine Park can enjoy a stroll or jog along the river, a picnic lunch, and many other activities among the park's monuments, formal gardens, and natural areas. Nearby is the 12-acre Brandywine Zoo, a popular destination for families with small children.

If you visit the zoo, be sure to check out the interactive murals inside the Education Center. Each one displays a different habitat; either a tropical rainforest, wetland, deciduous forest, or alpine mountain.

Brandywine Park offers two off-leash dog areas. One is located uphill from the zoo's education building. The other is on the opposite side of the Brandywine River, near the Van Buren Street bridge.

Photo by the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary

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