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Port Mahon Preserve

39°11'37.93"N  75°24'12.08"W

Port Mahon Road (Road 89)
Port Mahon, DE 19901

Phone: (302) 654-4707
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The Nature Conservancy's Port Mahon Preserve is open to the public for birding and nature study. This pristine location at the mouth of the Mahon River makes for a great spot to observe spawning horseshoe crabs and the shorebirds that feed on their eggs. We suggest you visit during the months of May and June to catch them at their peak. All we ask is that you please maintain a safe distance from all wildlife to ensure they are not disturbed; that is, unless you happen to see a horseshoe crab stranded on its back. In that case, we ask that you please "just flip 'em."

Photo by Jeffrey, or Flickr user jb912


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