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Delaware City Marina, an official DNREC "Clean Marina"

39°34'21.52"N  75°35'24.55"W

302 Canal Street
Delaware City, DE 19706

Phone: (302) 834-4172
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Dock your boat or book your charter at an official "Clean Marina." Clean Marinas voluntarily adhere to "green" standards. This reduces polluted runoff, oil spills, and other forms of water pollution. Otherwise, these might afflict the beautiful Delaware Estuary and its many forms of sea life.

At Delaware City Marina, you can even rent a boat. Choose from either a 26-foot sailboat or a 20-foot catamaran. And there's kayaks too. Whatever your choice, there's no better way to see the C&D Canal, Pea Patch Island, or the Delaware River and Bay.

Photo by the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary

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